In Lugana di Sirmione, almost facing Lake Garda, lie our 6 hectares of Turbiana vineyards.

Planted on terrain typical of the Lugana denomination area, consisting of a clay silt as hard as rock when the weather is dry but that can turn into a slimy, sticky quagmire when it rains, the age of the vines ranges from 8 to 10 years for the youngest to 40 to 50 years for the oldest.  The average yield per hectare ranges from 80 to 100 hundredweight, care of the vines is traditional, with the use of integrated pest management.


Only 4 of the 17 hectares of property around the cellar are planted with vines. Here, we cultivate the international varieties, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which are the basis of our sparkling wines. 

The area is at risk from hailstones and we were forced to protect the vines with an anti- hailstone device that we operate manually: in compensation, the rich terrain, with medium texture, great structure and alluvial in origin, is well-draining and protects the vines against the danger of the build up of moisture.

The climate is one of the most favorable: the proximity of the lake prevents the build up of moisture, ensuring good ventilation and an excellent day-night temperature range.

Our Luganas come from these vines, whose grapes are vinified and aged separately, depending on the age of the vineyards.  The oldest plants produce the sparsest bunches so the wines need longer ageing:  this is the case with the Luganas “La Ghidina” and “Ancilla”.

The youngest plants, on the other hand, have more compact bunches, which produce wines with fresher notes: our Luganas “Ella” and “1909”. 

In the driest years, we intervene with an emergency irrigation drip system, using the water from one of our wells, which we have analysed every year. 

The yield of grapes per hectare is around 50 to 70 hundredweight.

From nearly 12 miles of Chardonnay vines and 5,000 Pinot Noir plants, we produce both our Bruts and our still white: the Chardonnay is of “Effe” purity and the three sparkling wines “A” in the versions Brut Blanc de Noir, Brut Blanc de Blanc and Brut Rosè.

La Ghidina Estate