"A" Brut Rosè

The letter “A” is traditionally the sign of something beginning: “a" suggests an opening, a start, even an adventure... But it is also the first letter of the Italian word for love, amore, as in Ancilla and Antonella, my sister.

The line of “A” sparkling wines is therefore dedicated to her, her bubbly but solid character. My sparkling wines are very like her: whether the “A” - Blanc de Blanc (Chardonnay 100%), “A” Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir used for white wine) or “A” Rosé, the grapes come from the Cadellora vineyards and have the same lively character as Antonella.  Great energy allied to a wonderful personality and natural elegance that the wines express with aromas of flowers and bread crusts and a very fine perlage, compact and persistent in the glass.

100% Pinot Nero
Classic Method

Obtained from Pinot Nero, pink coloured sparkling wine with fine and elegant perlage

On the palate, it is especially fresh, thanks to the pleasing effervescence and acidity, dry and balanced. Enjoyable as an aperitif and suitable for accompanying meals.