Ancilla Lugana DOC ella 

The wine of the last harvest is, for a company, the freshest wine. This Lugana is called “ella”, a diminutive of Luisella, my name, because when it was first grown, its grapes came from the youngest vineyards, and I too was the youngest in the family.  Now its vineyards have reached an even better time, that of maturity, but they still give a fresh, pleasurably fruity and friendly wine.  A wine that’s good with friends, a little like me.

To the eye, Lugana ella is pale straw-yellow with the greenish tinges typical of Lugana wine. 

On the nose, hints of yellow fruit, grapefruit and ripe citrus fruits stand out.  

On the palate, this Lugana displays equilibrium, fresh and well-balanced in the ratio between sugar residues and acidity.