Effe Zero Chardonnay

From the same grapes, this is the "no added sulphites" version of our Effe Chardonnay, so that the fruit can express itself even more fully.

“Effe” is the initial letter of the name of Filippo, the latest arrival in the family: my son. For him, Cadellora is a second home, he spent his childhood years here among the Chardonnay vineyards, the youngest of my company.  The vine dedicated to him is made with these grapes, which, once harvested, are processed in the simplest way possible, with ageing only in steel. In this way, a fresh, young product is obtained with its own personality, quite capable of immediately captivating people. Just like Filippo.

Straw-yellow colour with greenish highlights.

To the nose, hints of golden apple with mineral notes.
On the palate, it is balanced, fresh with a good ratio of residual sugars to acidity.